That was the most flawless slashing of tires I’ve ever seen. No chance that is the first time that old guy has slashed some dudes tires.




We need some stereotypical Hollywood Indian extras to actually show up and we basically have the “Columbus Day” episode from Sopranos. What an absolute wild scene straight out of the mind of David Chase.

Listen I know Columbus is supposed to be a sense of Italian pride, but this is pretty silly. Not even the bats or the rifle’s because that’s just on another level. I’m not going to claim that I know how anyone feels in this situation about Columbus, but if you asked an Italian to rank their top 10 favorite Italians of all-time does Columbus make the top-10? No chance. On any given day do they give a fuck about that Columbus statue? Imagine how many dogs have probably pissed on the base of that statue. Most in that neighborhood probably walked by the statue thousands of times and never gave it the time of day until it was threatened. It’s like when you were a kid and you wanted the toy your brother was playing with just because your brother had it.

I think we have to kinda see both sides though. Yea, Columbus enslaved and murdered a lot of Indians. Obama killed a ton of innocent people in the Middle East with drone strikes. Do we take down all his monuments? What’s the criteria of who get’s canceled and who stays? If the good outweighs the bad does the statue stay up? Do we blow up Mount Rushmore because Thomas Jefferson and George Washington owned slaves? Do teachers skip over parts of history in text books now because somebody did something wrong at a time in history it was considered normal? You can’t tell the story of the United States without these people. History isn’t always perfect, and it’s not going to be perfect moving forward, but sometimes symbols make sure people never repeat it. Except for the Confederate statues. We don’t need to build statues for a bunch of dudes who couldn’t even win a war.

This blogs too heavy for a Monday morning so I’m going to leave you with this funny realization.

The “protectors” of the statue definitely texted people Marconi Plaza and it auto-corrected to Macaroni Plaza. That fucking Steve Job’s autocorrect is anti-Italian too!

Tony Soprano said it better than I could ever anyway.