Aaron Paul reading for the part of Guy with Virtues. I know Aaron Paul’s still trying to find his next breakout performance since Breaking Bad, but an anti-racism ad is a weird move to showoff your acting chops. Does he think this ad might get to Scorsese or something and he’s going to be the lead in Irishman 2? He morphed back into Jesse Pinkman right before our eyes. If you weren’t holding on for a “Bitch.” at the end I don’t want to know you.

You get the prayer hands in front of the lips look and you know Aaron Paul is about to go full method actor on you. How ironic is it that this looks like an audition for American History X?


Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 12.16.36 PM


This bordered very closely on Corona celebrity “Imagine” territory.



I know these people have platforms and if they speak out on it blah,blah,blah…do I really care what Sarah Paulson, Mark Duplass, or Kristen Bell thinks of racial injustice? I can’t make up my own mind on social events? You’re telling me there are people out there that can’t compute a simple formula of Racism=Bad. But Debra Messing gets on camera says she stands against hate and Cindy watching on Facebook thinks, “You know what? She makes a good point.” and takes down her Confederate flag that’s been flying on her porch for 45 years.  Talk to me when these celebrities lose out to a minority on the lead in a movie that they wanted. Let’s see the true colors fly during that time. How much responsibility are you going to be taking as you’re talking shit on Lupita Nyong’o for hijacking the horror genre and taking food out of your kids mouths?

Did all these celebs kind’ve just snitch on themselves for being closet racists?