“What’s Poppin” is one of the biggest rap songs out right now. It’s Jack Harlow’s first major hit of his career at just 22. Jack Harlow is white. Jack Harlow’s never hid from people that he’s white. Seriously, these are all his album covers.








Jack Harlow confirmed whiter than someone writing a letter to Fox angry they canceled COPS.  He’s literally shouted he’s white from the mountaintops. That didn’t matter. Someone on Twitter discovered he was white and it set Black Twitter off. Just a bunch of reverse racism not realizing that white boys that look like the guy who prepared my Reuben sandwich at Schlessinger’s can spit.





This guy makes an astute point…


Go on TikTok right now. Guaranteed one of the first 10 Toks you see are going to have his song in them. It’s taken over. Here cringe through this for 11 minutes  – I made it through only 2:18.

Could you imagine if Eminem came up during this time of music? There’s no doubt he would’ve made it. But in this era a lot of rappers and singers release songs with the goal in mind they catch fire with TikTok stars to be played for millions on a loop. So I looked at Eminem’s old catalogue to see what would catch with TikTok stars today.


White America


This would be huge on Alt-Right TikTok who didn’t understand the real anti-government message behind it, but instead danced to the refrain.

Love The Way You Lie


There’s no doubt this one would’ve had it’s time on TikTok. It has 2 billion views right now. 2 BILLION. That’s insane. This one would’ve had people setting up fake couple disputes, fake crying, the works for a chance to go viral.

But I’m talking like Slim Shady era. The shit that made you hate your parents and want to curse out your teachers. The shit Marshall Mathers would’ve fucking despised if his song became a viral dance sensation.


My Name Is


My Name Is immediately EXPLODED when it was released. No doubt the “My Name Is” refrain would’ve been used for some kid named Julius Shareef Abdur-Rahim. A text bubble would pop up with each name as the lyrics play “My Name Is” over and over. It would get a couple million hits and he’d be off from there. Instead of becoming the 3rd pick in the draft for the Vancouver Grizzlies he made millions in the Tik Tok game. I want royalties when some kid in Middle America steals this idea.


The Real Slim Shady


The Real Slim Shady would’ve been a hit in the twin and goth communities. Just a bunch of people that look alike. Remember when Eminem performed this at the VMAs and there were a thousand extras that looked just like him? Boom. Goths and twins corner The Real Slim Shady. I feel like the goths version would look something like the goth party under the bridge.





I feel like Superman has some shelf life with the dudes going through break ups. That’s a big batch of TikTok. The 14 year olds who haven’t had any real life events happen to them except breaking up with their girlfriend, batting their eyes at the camera, and biting their lip in a moment of vulnerability would suck Superman up. Haile’s Song could definitely fill this business model too.

Maybe this TikTok thing isn’t one dimensional to a certain era of music.