SOURCE – An Indian man who went to hospital with abdominal pain had inserted a mobile phone charger cable into his penis, a doctor who treated him told CNN on Monday. The man visited a hospital in northeastern India last month, claiming he had ingested some earphones, said Dr. Walliul Islam, a general surgeon at the hospital.

But when the cord didn’t appear despite the patient being prescribed laxatives, doctors resorted to surgery. “He came to us after five days, (and) despite passing stool several times the cable did not come out. We then conducted an endoscopy but still couldn’t find anything. As the patient complained of severe pain, we decided to perform surgery and found that there was nothing in his intestine,” Islam told CNN.


Of course this happened in India. For all we know this guy’s dickhole looks like a minion. And why’s he lying that his abdominal pain is because he ate some headphones? Is he embarrassed that there’s an iPhone charger in his colon because he shoved it up his pee hole? I love how they tried to give him laxatives to shit it out too. Nope. That shit’s coming out the same way it went in. You dug this grave and now you have to lie in it.

This charger was 2 feet long! 2 FEET! If you paid me a billion dollars I couldn’t shove anything up my one eye phone. My biggest fear in life is one day passing a kidney stone. If that happens put me the fuck out to pasture. It was a good life, but it’s my time to go at that point.

There’s no doubt this guy is a green bubble in the group chat. This isn’t blue bubble behavior. The one guy who messes up the group chat because he swears by Android is the worst. If you want to be a poor, fine. But be poor on your own time. Don’t fuck up the group chat because your messages come to everyone’s phone individually and then three different group chats start just because you want to tell us Android is more sophisticated. Take your Boost Mobile cell phone plan and go hang out in Kensington with the rest of the poors.

P.S. How about this lady jumping in the comments to try and found owner of this necklace? This is a pretty niche market in this thread from ABC7 don’t you think?


Imagine everything that needs to go right. First the person needs to have social media. Next, they need to be following a random ABC news station in California and hope that they too stop to read about someone trying to charge their rectum. And then find you in the comments hoping that maybe someone would post about their David Star locket that looks like the Titanic ran over it and then reversed over it again. Honestly, you have to respect the hustle at that point.