SOURCE – A new power duo has emerged as potential suitors to buy the Mets.

Private equity billionaires Josh Harris and David Blitzer are now serious about making a run at the Amazins, adding the baseball club to their portfolio of teams that already includes the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers and the NHL’s New Jersey Devils. The interest was first reported by Variety.

Harris, who co-founded mega-investment firm Apollo Global in 1990, and Blitzer, a senior exec at Blackstone Group, bought the Sixers for $280 million in 2011 and then scooped up a majority stake in the Devils in 2013. In 2017, the two formed Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment, a holding company for their sports franchises that also includes the English Premier League soccer club Crystal Palace. Harris is thought to be worth $5.1 billion, Blitzer’s wealth is in the neighborhood of $1.3 billion.

Sources close to the situation tell The Post that Harris and Blitzer have been circling the Mets for a few months, and have gotten more serious as the Wilpons have grown more desperate.


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Stay hot Josh Harris and David Blitzer! Trying to cut 20% of your employees salaries because you’re crying poor when it really turns out you wanted to save some money to make a billion dollar investment instead. I know the Wilpons released this news to the Post as a desparate need to sell, but holy shit have a brain for the optics one time. Trying to cut salaries of your employees so you can invest in a New York franchise is a tough look. It’s like your wife winning the divorce and leaving you poor and now she’s fucking the pool boy in your own house on your own bed.

Josh Harris made all his money preying on troubled businesses, so the Mets are right up his alley. The Wilpons notoriously lost $100s of millions in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme and Citi Field just got rated “junk” by S&P because the Wilpons won’t be able to pay their bills if there is no baseball season. Harris/Blitzer is circling the Mets like a pool of sharks and they’re bleeding all over the place in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Right now the Wilpons are your buddy who’s down $10k that he doesn’t have to his bookie and pay day is tomorrow. Instead of licking his wounds he’s throwing a Hail Mary on a 5 team Sunday football parlay to win it all back or he’s moving to a remote part of Canada to get out of dodge.

Also, what’s the deal with the superregional network? I know TV rights are hot in the streets right now, but if Josh Harris tries to build a Mets/Devils/Sixers version of NBCSports he’s an idiot. Imagine the first time a Sixers game gets bumped for Mets or Devils. There would be anarchy in the streets! It’s also not really the time to buy into cable television, but you don’t become a billionaire because you’re dumb. NBCSports actually owns 8% of SNY so the play here is most likely creating NBCSports NY in another major market.

And if you don’t like this idea of Harris & Blitzer investing in another team with ties to NY then just bully them on social media again. Bullying works. It’s the foundation America was built on. Yea he’s a billionaire with more fuck you money than any of us criticizing him will ever have. But that means our words were so vicious on a social platform that means so little they had a meeting and reversed course in 48 hours. The scars of bullying are still there for him to reverse course. Without the colonists bullying the fuck out of the British this great nation is probably called New Britain or Also United Kingdom or some shit. He’s in loser denial. Someone stick a parking cone up Josh Harris’ ass.