WARNING: It’s not pretty and they show what the guy looked like after in the hospital. So get your mind right and let’s dive in. We’re in this together.



This one made me almost puke, but I’m a huge pussy with needles and blood. I have to get a booster shot in the next year and I’m sweating over the anticipation. How that thing didn’t fly off when I saw the slow motion replay I’ll never understand. But I know the people who watched this are just like me. The FOMO is too much to not watch. You didn’t want to watch it, but the FOMO is just too much to withstand.

If you’re that guy with the samurai sword though what the hell are you doing? That was like a 10 inch sausage with tons of room to play with. What could the point of this been? That guy doesn’t look like he plays with samurai swords at his day job. I don’t think that guys going to a dojo Monday through Friday to practice martial arts. He’s definitely a sword guy though. You have to avoid sword guys because when they drink I feel like the swords always come out. Sword guy is a distant cousin of snake guy. Don’t have a snake guy in your group either. Leave the swords up to martial artists and Ninja Turtles.