This couldn’t happen anywhere else except Portland, Oregon. If you gave me three guesses and the first two didn’t count I’d still guess Portland, Oregon with my first. The weirdest shit happens in Oregon. Remember that coffee shop where everyone served coffee in bikinis? That’s such an Oregon move. Or a guy who broke into someone’s home smoked their weed, drank their beer, put on a woman’s onesie on and was found playing video games with the family cat named Spaghetti? It’s a different world out in the Pacific Northwest. The sun comes out like 10 days a year, it’s always raining, I’m pretty sure everyone moonlights as a lumberjack. It’s amazing companies like Nike and Microsoft came out of there.

But anyway this llama is the shit. He just wants to protest with everyone, smoke some weed, and not give a fuck about the drama in his life. Taxes, feeding his llama children, and listening to his nagging wife yelling at him to take out the trash? Nooooooooo thanks. Caesar is your cool Uncle that never gets married who you think is the absolute man when you’re growing up. And then you hit like 25-27 and realize the reason he used to be at breakfast on Saturday mornings was because he’d get to drunk to drive home since he had zero responsibilities. My birthday was in February and my Uncle always forgot it so that meant he was good for a Toys R Us trip on a random April or June day, which looking back on it I probably capitalized on as the tax return hit then.

But anyway the llama. Caesar is a llamactivist according to his Twitter bio just strutting his ass around the protest bringing joy. Taking selfies and shit.


selfie llama


Being a good boy on the subway.


Getting all the pets.


Philadelphia crushed the shit out of the protests this weekend. If there were a protest power rankings Philly would be at the top.



Honestly though we could use more llamas like Portland or they’re going to jump us in protest power rankings if they have another weekend like this one.


Caesar is the opposite of James the dolphin from Chappelle’s Show.