If you didn’t shout “ONE MORE TIME!” when that beat dropped what the fuck are you doing? This guy’s the Sammy Davis of Squatches. The most talented Squatch in the Western Hemisphere. You’re officially on notice Jack Links Beef Jerky Squatch. Is the saxaphone the greatest musical instrument ever created or am I just blown away by this Squatch’s talent? The Internet taketh away, but fuck doe it give more. Where else can we get a guy in full Squatch gear with a setup like he’s about to play in front of millions at Coachella.

Imagine people being a Squatch hunter and dedicating your life’s work to tracking him down and all you had to do was lure him out with some sexy sax, a bass, and a Yamaha P125. How hilarious would it be if the Squatch caught a sniper headshot in the middle of a video? Morbid as fuck, I know. But live by the Squatch suit die by the Squatch suit. There’s no rules in the wild. But come on if you saw the Squatch get headshotted by an enemy camper in the middle of the woods and you don’t laugh? I question YOUR moral compass.

P.S. If the Squatch didn’t play Careless Whisper all credit received would be null and void. I want to learn the sax just to play Careless Whisper like the Sexy Sax Man an all-time early-YouTube video