So I guess Bronny was playing 2K on Twitch tonight to 32k viewers which is an insane number for professional streamers let alone a kid who is LeBron Jame’s oldest son. Like Bronny could make a career out of just playing Twitch at this point and never have to touch a basketball again. It’s kind’ve insane how much people are obsessed with this kid who’s about to go into his sophomore year of high school. The pressure of him to go to the league and perform like his dad is insane. MJ’s kids never had to worry about the millions of negative comments on social media because Marcus & Jeffrey Jordan were both out of UCF by 2012.

If you’re not familiar with Twitch most of the big time streamers make their money off of people subscribing for $4.99 a month and donations. Donations can be any amount of money and sometime come with a comment that’s read out loud. What’s stopping coaches from having kids set up their PayPals and they just drop the bag right in front of the NCAA’s eyes. I can’t wait for BluDev1lCoach9192011015 donates 10 Large to Bronny on a Twitch stream. Mark Emmert’s head is going to be spinning with the amount of backroom deals that will be going on around Twitch. There’s no chance anyone on the NCAA’s Board of Governors has ever heard of Twitch.

Wouldn’t that be smart though? It’s the new bag drop for lesser known coaches on staff. Coach K’s bag guy was Jeff Capel and I’m sure Jeff Capel had an understudy for him to do the official bag dropping. Now all you have to do is login to a Twitch with an IP address from the Cayman Islands and transfer the money there. Maybe Bronny even says it’s a donation to the LeBron James Foundation someone wanted him to give to his dad or they funnel it through LeBron’s I Promise School. I mean I know Bronny doesn’t need it, but $100k is $100k. If basketball doesn’t work out that’s some pretty good start up costs for your own venture.


Bronny already gets $1 donations from people trolling him when he’s going to get with Zaya Wade, Dwyane Wade’s son turned now daughter and questions about if LeBron still spanks him so.


I promise you before 2021 there will be a Bronny incident on Twitch that goes viral involving Zaya Wade. Wayyyyyyy too much of an incendiary time to be making jokes about transgender 13 year olds and it not to incite people.

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