Good Vibes Saturday. It’s a beautiful day out today. A great day for laying on the beach or chilling in the pool. Not a day to get into another Carson Wentz vs. Nick Foles argument.  Philly is to busy murdering racism. There ‘s no reason to give Michael Bennett’s comments any attention and if you clicked this blog shame on you. We need more unity and less division in this city. You’re part of the problem in this city.

Don’t worry other blogs that are looking for clicks right now. No need to report on this story. Please re-route all traffic to and we’ll handle it from here. No need to drum up some useless conversation and add another notch on sports radio’s belt. Super Bowl Champion Carson Wentz, leader of men, is 1000% better than system QB Nick Foles.



Do give the Chris Long’s Podcast a listen. It’s a great conversation about current events and has a lot of Eagles guests on it.