Look at this fucking city! Just putting an absolute beatdown on injustice! You think people in Philly don’t care about human rights? You think they don’t show out in MASSES like it’s a Super Bowl parade combined with the Pope coming to town on riding around on his hatchback? Nope. This is for the equality of man, woman, and child no matter the color of your skin. Bye Bye injustice! Sayonara police brutality! Murdered by all of Philadelphia when they put you in a headlock and gave you a knuckle sandwich until you screamed “Uncle” live on air. Here lies social injustices. Dead. Buried. Taking a dirt nap because it didn’t know Philly was going to knock it’s ass out in the first round like Tyson in his prime. 100,000 people showing up to put a silence to racism and letting everyone know enough of this shit. A Made In America concert of people showing up to say fuck your racist narrative.




Couples are getting married and saying fuck their receptions and getting drunk just to join the march.




The Delcodelphia guys are out in Delco doing their thing too using their platform for good.




Enough is enough. And Philadelphia came together with a BIG symbol of solidarity against the injustice. I. Love. This. Fucking. City.


Damn Kyle why aren’t you down there if you care so much about human rights? Because I have a platform to promote this great city. Someone’s got to bring it to the masses. Boom. Spinzoned.