So this Josh guy owns a couple of Lee’s Hoagies around the city, but the Temple location was my go to. The Cheltenham with extra capicola, Italian meats, seasonings, provolone, mayo, oil, and hot peppers could go toe to toe with any hoagie in the country. Nothing like putting in an 11am order for a Sunday Birds game 1pm start. But all things come to an end. I’m now a free agent in the hoagie game ready to start a bidding war.


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What an absolute idiotic thing to say with everything going on. I actually don’t even know if what he said was racist, but I’m moving Josh up my Big Board of Racists into a 1st round grade based off of his ability to be non-sensical during this situation. Read the room for me one time man. When one of the main focal points of the protests nationwide is about oppression of black people maybe don’t treat oppression like it’s the Easter Bunny and claim it’s made up. You can’t tell me this guy has one good friend in his life. No one thinks about writing this on social media if they do. Because if he had good friends one would see this and tell him to take it down. I mean his business is directly in North Philly. Which makes this even crazier when he doubled down with this Instagram post on #BlackOutTuesday, you know the day everyone was posting black squares on their Instagram in support.


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I mean come on dude. One: I don’t want to see your jagged ass teeth. Two: You have to be trolling us right now with this caption and an AllLivesMatter hashtag. I refuse to believe anyone is this dumb. All Lives Matter is basically the bat signal for everyone who doesn’t understand what the protests are about. I’m mad that I gave money to a racist, but I’m also pissed at myself for letting someone with 0 common sense be in charge of hiring people who were making my hoagies all these years. I probably ate 15 hoagies that had toppings that dropped on the ground or were mixed in with rat shit. Also, some of the slowest delivery people ever, Josh. You probably made them avoid the “bad neighborhoods” and that’s why it took me so long to get my food.

If you ask yourself how so much douche could be wrapped into one person. This dude’s a fucking life coach. How do you become a life coach? Is there a certificate or do you just make a website and prey on weak-minded people? Just add “Success” to the end of your Instagram handle? Is this guy trying to be the Tony Robbins of the restaurant industry? I guess you take a couple shots reading a book in front of a lake, at the gym, and in front of a white board with some graphs and shit you’re a life coach.


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What an absolute douchebag personified. This guy’s like one step below televangelist preachers telling me to live my life like a ship and anchor down when the times get tough. Fuck off.


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