We’re back with another NBA highlight of the day. Until the NBA’s official return, I will be posting a breathtaking NBA highlight from the past. THE NBA IS BACK PEOPLE! Woj bomb coming in this morning saying that the NBA will return July 31st and Game 7 of the NBA Finals will be on October 12th. This means we will have Football and Playoff Basketball on at the same time.


Here’s all the details WoJ has blessed us with so far:

  • Each of the 22 teams will play eight regular season games in Orlando for seeding purposes for the playoffs
  • The play-in format requires a double-elimination format for the 8th seed, a single-elimination for the 9th seed
  • Joining the 16 current playoff teams in Orlando: New Orleans, Portland, Phoenix, Sacramento and San Antonio in the West and Washington in the East. If the 9th seed is more than 4 games behind the 8th, No. 8 makes playoffs; Fewer than 4 games, a play-in tournament
  • Vote tommorow at 12:30 to approve the plan