This is the the first time things have actually felt normal in 3 months. There’s been viruses, murder, protests both violent and peaceful, but there is still common ground. Fuck Dallas. Fuck ’em and everyone that associates with them. There were probably 10-20 maybe 100 looters that came through this Rent-A-Center to steal TV’s, sofa’s, one of those leather chairs that your grandpop always sat in, but when they saw that Dallas Star they thought “Fuck no.” That’s a level of hate that’s hard to get too. I’m honestly surprised they didn’t take it just to burn it on fire in the middle of the road. Maybe we’re starting to find a common ground in all this. You have the majority of Eagles fans that are awesome and passionate and then you have your shithead Eagles fans who fight at tailgates or in the 200 level, but one common bond whether you agree with the protests or not – FUCK DALLAS. I’m pretty sure if someone somehow got all the protestors in Philly and all the people against the protest and herded them to the Piazza than put on the Buddy Ryan game where he ran up the score, 44-6, or Week 16 from this year we’d all find common ground. That common ground being FUCK DALLAS.