virgil abloh


We don’t donation shame here at the Wooderboys. But when you’re worth $4 million and your worth is calculated on making clothes for a bunch of Hypebeasts while you sell $47 OffWhite branded paper clips – I’m going to need you to donate a little more than that.


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You know what I don’t need you to even donate more because honestly I haven’t donated jack shit to any cause so who am I to say this. The main problem is him boasting about it like his donation was enough to get one person out of jail. You think Virgil pulled a muscle patting himself on the back after posting this? I mean what an asshole. The fact that people even give this guy money for a brand that he defines as the “grey area between being black and white” is insane. Dude OffWhite is the eggshell color my parents painted the living room growing up.

This keychain is $109. That keychain better come with some actual keys to a Mercedes for $109.

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This keychain is rubber and costs $260 originally. I guess rubber now trumps leather in the caste systems of material? I feel like that’s wrong.


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I never understood the high fashion nonsense, but really this guy put some zip ties and a tracking number on a shoe got a creative deal with Louis Vuitton and sells them for $500. This is a real shoe that says “For Walking” down the side going for $1,400. You’re an asshole if you need a $1,400 shoe to tell you what it’s prime existence in life is for. If we’re lucky maybe he’ll do a collab with Clorox and it’ll say “FOR DRINKING” and then we can identify the sheep in this world one by one.


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And I know he’s broken down barriers for black people in the fashion community. He was named the first black creative director in Louis Vuitton’s history. His influence has gone further and done much more for black people than his $50 donation. Anyway he’s still an asshole. He steals designs from other black fashion creators.




He doesn’t have anyone of color on his art director staff. For someone that understands the struggles black people face to get to the peak of fashion you would think at least employing one POC, even for eyewash sake, would be beneficial towards helping the future.


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He hangs out with Kanye West who sold a plain white tee for $120 at one point.



I’ve never really looked at OffWhite products until today, but how does someone get appointed the “Next Best Thing” in fashion. I feel like I’m Mugatu and taking crazy pills right now. Do you just send your shit to a bunch of the leading Hip Hop artists and hope they wear it or put it on their Instagram story? Like who’s waiting for this shirt to drop to spend $300 on it?


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Can’t you just bootleg shit like a young Christopher Wallace sowing tigers on my shirt….and alligators? Like I can go to DSGNTree and have this printed up in 2 hours and on the store for $25. Do I just tell people they don’t understand the meaning of it and it skyrockets up 200%? How do you even wash this? Because I’m not sending this through the wash with all of my intramural t-shirts and basketball shorts. I’m not letting this shirt touch poor people clothes. You put this bad boy in the dryer and it’s curtains. I’m to scared to wash this shirt so now I’m wearing a dirty shirt and no one wants to talk to me because I smell like B.O. and Bud Light because someone ran into me at a bar and I spilled on myself. I could be a billionaire and I’d still look at a $300 shirt and ask myself if this was fiscally responsible. Give me the Alfani $20 Henleys that you get 10 wears out of before you have to re-up next year because the arms are now up to your shoulders.