Fuck this video and fuck every Philly/State cop in that video above shooting tear gas and pepper spray in a crowd of people. They treated those people screaming like pigs in a meat market ready for slaughter. I’ve stayed as middle as possible on here because we rather bring you funny shit about the protest over all the sad stuff going on. But honestly, fuck that. These same cops share the sidewalks, streets, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, subways, trains, and clubs with these people they’re shooting tear gas and pepper spray at, while they’re backed into a corner like wounded animals. All over them blocking a highway? I hate people that inconvenience others by protesting on major roads too, but fuck. These people weren’t even fighting back but waiting their turn to get over the fence. There was literally 20 feet between a cop and the next protestor with the protestors moving away from the road. The cops are treating these people like it’s open season. You can hear one person shouting “I can’t breathe”. This video isn’t about if you’re for the cops or for the protestors. This is just human fucking decency at this point.