Just imagine the fact you can get away with literally anything in the country right now. We’ve seen broken windows, police cars on fire, looting, everything. There aren’t any rules this weekend! You can get away with anything! This guy just thought he was going to waltz on up and break some more windows like he had a destruction fetish and move on. No no no. You broke the wrong motherfucking window boy! Go break Alex Caruso’s window. Or Kevin Love’s window. They won’t do shit. You break JR Smith’s car window on his truck he’ll track your ass down for two blocks and beat the ever living shit out of you. Smash your head against the car rim of a Honda Odyssey.

I love this out of JR because JR is a real one. West Orange, NJ never left JR and that’s the best thing about him. That’s why he was so beloved in his NBA career. JR being JR. Did dumb shit like throw hot soup on Damon Jones, Rihanna airing him out for clubbing every night during the playoffs, getting slapped with a $50k fine because he’s untying opponent’s shoelaces during a free throw.



“You trying to get the pipe?”



Dapping up Jason Terry mid-game and letting his guy score.


And the ultimate forgetting the score in Game 1 of the NBA Finals which shifted the whole series and provided one of the best meme’s Twitter has ever seen.




That night of Game 1 was also May 31st. We need to declare May 31st “JR Smith Day” because it’s like instead of a full moon every May 31st JR is going to do something memorable you’re going to remember forever. I need JR back in the league July 31st for a playoff run.


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