What a bad ass way to start the first launch on America soil in 10 years! Once bars are back open “Let’s light this candle” is going to be a rallying cry at every pregame like a USA chant before you pound some beers with the bro’s.

Bob & Doug sound like some astronaut inter-galactic buddy cop drama coming to CBS this Fall. That was pretty awesome even though I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t really know what the significance of this Space Launch was. Once again, it was really cool, but should I be excited for some reason? A quick Google search tells me this rocket only cost $1.9 billion to build and operate, which is significantly less money than a rocket has ever been built before. So that’s good. Cost efficiency is something I can always get behind. I also know this wasn’t easy either because I’ve seen hundreds of SpaceX rockets blow up. A test rocket even blew up a couple days before the launch. If I’m Bob & Doug and I see that I’m calling it quits on this mission. Call in the bullpen. But they have bigger balls and duty to their country and that’s why they’re now heroes.


But I guess the main importance of this launch is we’ll stop using Russian Soyuz rockets and instead rely on American made ones? Like that’s awesome, but what’s the point? Does that free up resources to go hunt aliens and find some super technology like teleportation or flying cars? Cause if we’re going to just Mars I’m sorry to be a pessimist, but that doesn’t really get the blood flowing. Even if SpaceX wants to start flying people to the moon for fun or colonizing it I know your boy isn’t ever going to be rich enough to afford that.

And there’s a plan to get someone on the moon by 2024? Has Trump never seen the Apollo 11 moon landing on YouTube? Someone get this blog on the desk of the President of the United States right away.



I don’t know. I think there’s just more we can do than fly some astronauts around the galaxy. I’m all here for expanding on science, but this is a “what have you done for me lately” world we’re living in at the moment. I’m going to need at least an alien discovery, I’ll even settle for a martian at this point.