This had to be a last ditch effort by the Philly police after they had their backs up against the wall with protestors. Call in Batman to restore peace. Ballsy by the bat to come to the protests without any backup unless Robin has let himself go and can’t fit in his suit anymore.




What do you think the Philly Bat Signal looks like? I feel like its a silhouette of a three day old stale Wawa pretzel shining off of the Comcast Center. No chance Batman would be my first call. This is a job for Storm or Iron Man. He’s texting like he’s trying to find a friend at a music festival. Has Lucious Fox lost a step? I feel like GPS technology to find the perpetrators is day 1 stuff.


batman philly


Or this is all DC Universe cutting costs and filming the protest as B Roll.


All I know is sources are saying Batman parties.

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