The Popularity of the ‘Fuck 12 Chant’

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The ‘Fuck 12’ chant, pronounced ‘Fuck-tah-duh’, is an anti-police slogan that was likely first popularized by the Atlanta-based rap group Migos in 2013. The song is about a narcotics raid and its aftermath, and the song has since become one of the most popular anti-police slogans of all time. It was also popularized following the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014.

‘F**k the police’

The popularity of ‘F**k the police’ has increased significantly over the last several months. This trend can be attributed in part to the protests against police brutality and the black mourning movement. Streams of the song rose 44 times during late 2014 and early 2015. The lyrics focus on the injustices African Americans face, and the song has been a favorite of protesters for years.

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The song first rose to prominence during the ’80s when N.W.A. released the Straight Outta Compton album in 1988. The album sold millions of copies and paved the way for rap stars Eazy E and Rick Ross. Its lyrics were often violent and racially charged, and the song was one of the first to break the boundaries of the gangsta rap genre. In 1989, a Detroit policeman remembered refusing to play the song during a performance, saying it was ‘too dangerous’ and could incite violence.

Today, the song has become an anthem for revolution and protestors have scrawled the song’s title on walls and homemade signs. The song has also become a global phenomenon, generating more than 300 million on-demand streams and 550 million Pandora stations based on it. The lyrics of the song are a scathing take on policing. It was written in the 1980s, during a racially-charged period in the US and Los Angeles.

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“Fuck the police” is the second track on the album and highlights the tensions between African American urban youth and law enforcement. It’s controversial because it mocks the judicial system. Rappers use the song as a platform to make their points against racial stereotyping and discrimination.

‘F**k the criminal justice system’

The ‘F**k the criminal justice system,’ a popular chant, refers to the criminal justice system and its system of punishment. The criminal justice system seeks to punish criminals, protect victims and the general public, and rehabilitate criminals by imposing punishments proportionate to the crime committed. These goals are achieved through law enforcement activity, the prosecution of criminals, and sentencing.

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The Popularity of the ‘Fuck 12 Chant’
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