Hey Blog World,

Kyle here reporting that OJ Simpson, hates more than anything in this world, murderer’s who are not held accountable. Hurts his heart. Just can’t live in a world where people aren’t brought to justice for murdering innocent people. Great point by OJ to mention Derek Chauvin had 18 prior complaints against him and only 2 disciplinary actions. You’d think the force would do something after someone complains a bunch of times for brutal crimes. Instead the couple times the suspect was reprimanded he got off because of his connections in the force. Now isn’t that ironic, OJ?

“Start putting the perpetrators in jail.” Couldn’t have said it better myself O. There better not be any All-Star lawyer groups thinking about representing Derek Chauvin. Especially lawyers that have three young daughters who are going to whore themselves out in the future and a son with dreams of becoming a sock entrepreneur. Nope. Get Chauvin some public defender who already has 100 cases piled up to his eyeballs and can’t give a second to this one. Quick guilty conviction and have him behind bars for life.

The only way to stop murder police brutality is putting the perpetrators in jail. Gotta lock them up and throw away the key. Can’t let these guys roam the Earth and get a second chance on life just to ruin their second lease on life with another brutal crime.

When I was growing up there was the stab. You know how many blondes were lucky to survive a stabbing? Not many. Every murderer needs to be held accountable.

I’m just saying.

Alright Blog World. 

Take care.