If you’re living under a rock the Jimmy Fallon blackface video is a hot topic again. Death, taxes, and Jimmy Fallon/Kimmel blackface videos are found by new Internet generations every 5 years. Can we get a better hashtag than #jimmyfallonisoverparty? I feel like if you’re really trying to stir the people up you need a hashtag with an alliteration or something. Something people can really let roll off the tongue. Something that people would see on a sign and it would stick with them for the rest of the day. #Jimmyfallonisoverparty is too much of a mouthful to scream through a megaphone.

There should be some kind of statute of limitations on cancelling. If you want to be an Internet cancel sleuth then here’s Rule #1: Be good at Internet sleuthing. I thought everyone knew about the Jimmy Fallon & Jimmy Kimmel blackface. I just thought the Internet gave them a pass and we weren’t allowed to bring it up because they were beloved. I mean Fallon and Kimmel gave the Cancelers a 20 year head start to acquire the evidence and provide their opening statements and they just got around to it? And I love how people are talking about this video re-surfacing? You would think this sketch of Fallon as Chris Rock never aired in front of millions of people on a major broadcast network and had millions of more views on YouTube. People are treating discovering Fallon in blackface like they just solved the Jon Benet Ramsey murder. Someone from the new Internet generation had to have found this. They took a break from TikTok to watch a video over 15 seconds long and went down a Fallon wormhole and came across the blackface video like they just discovered the Fountain of Youth.



Resurfaced? It never left. I could type in Fallon on Google and the third option that came up would be blackface. And who the fuck is going to fire him? NBC? The same network that green lit the sketch 20 years ago?

How about the predicament people are in with Kimmel? Portraying blackface is bad, but when it’s about one of the worst people in all of sports it kind of softens the blow, no? Yea, Kimmel shouldn’t be doing blackface, but Karl Malone shouldn’t be getting 13 year olds pregnant when he’s 20. What a powder keg that situation is for everyone. Talk about a lose lose there. You know there’s some guy on the Internet somewhere making the argument that if you don’t support Jimmy Kimmel making fun of Karl Malone then you are supporting rape.

Blackface=bad. That’s for the idiots who are going to read this blog and say I’m condoning blackface by making fun of this situation.


Also, WhiteFace is undefeated (not sarcasm) WhiteFace has been performed perfectly by two of the greatest comics ever. Give me your tired, your sick, your WhiteFace sketches. WhiteFace up 2-0. We’re still crunching the +/- on White Chicks.