Look at the fucking HOWITZER on Mikey Miss! Threw that headset back to the BMW of West Chester he leased his new 5 series from. I wish Josh Innes was still around because he would have a field day with this one. If Joe Giglio had a morsel of humor in his body he would start off his 6pm show with a question about the Eagles cutting Sudfeld in favor of the more cap friendly Missanelli.

Imagine what Lawyer Mike was like in the courtrooms back in the day. If he didn’t agree with the judge’s sentencing he’d probably fire a stapler at their head. What an absolutely insane fight to get angry over. Did Woke Mikey Miss take a sabbatical? Get left down the shore after a long Memorial Day Weekend? The Mikey Miss that I grew up wouldn’t ever take a white person’s side. Now he’s arguing the legality of this woman being fired in favor of the woman!? Mikey Miss say it ain’t so! That went from 0-100 reallllll quick. If that wasn’t syndicated you’d think they were fine if you were just listening to radio. Mikey Miss knows what get’s the ratings and if it’s launching your headset through the place like Nick Saban you do what you have to do.



The stick to sports crowd is the worst, but I feel like the 2-6pm slot on 97.5 rarely goes a straight 4 hours talking about sports. There always seems to be some social justice topic or viral Twitter moment they go off on for 60 minutes. It’s not like there wasn’t Hockey talk or MLB vs. MLBPA stuff to talk about.

I love Tyrone and Natalie are like, “Just another day at the office.”

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Here’s after break with a couple of nice “Fuck You’s” back and forth from Tyrone and Mike.