The Chip Kelly story starts at 26 minutes. 


You don’t big league Merrill Reese. You can spit on my grandmother, but you don’t big league Merrill Reese the voice of the Eagles. If Chip Kelly could become any less likable than he already was in Philly somehow he just did that. You don’t do the big leaguing to Merrill, Merrill big leagues you. Chip was probably wondering about what the color of Jason Kelce’s piss would be that night for his hydration chart and that’s why he paid Merrill no mind. Fuck Chip Kelly.

I can just imagine that stupid look on his face when he said “Ok” to Merrill. Chip thought he was the smartest guy in the room at all times.


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I don’t think anyone was ever more wrong on Chip Kelly than Eagles fans. I was all about bringing Chip and his analytics to Philly and usher in a new era of football. Piss tests everyday, replacing Taco Fridays under Andy Reid with healthier options, sports science. All a bunch of buzz words that made you think equates to winning in the NFL. Instead we got a 26-21 record with the Eagles and he had a knack for pissing off everyone he came into contact with. If Merrill wasn’t such a stand up guy he probably would’ve kicked Chip’s ass 10,000 feet in the air.