Who the fuck is this guy trying to lecture John Chaney on right and wrong? You’re talking to a living legend there pal. Not some no name coaching in the MEAC. So what he threatened to kill John Calipari at that postgame press conference? Good. Honestly if Chaney kills John Calipari that day is the NCAA not a better place at the moment? You could say 2 vacated Final Fours, driving up the price of players, and the fact five star recruits are forgoing college for the G League is Calipari’s fault. So guess what NCAA you should’ve let John Chaney strangle Calipari to death with a microphone wire that year. You’d have a lot less to deal with in 2020.

The story behind the Calipari/Cheney incident is the biggest farce about this whole situation. Obviously Cheney looks like a lunatic because he went after Calipari, but it was more than that. The real story is Chaney got his ass blasted by the A-10 for going after the ref’s down at WVU the game before. Supposedly, after UMass upset Temple that day Calipari had some words for the referees on how they officiated the game. From all accounts the Chaney press conference was very positive.

Source: Oral History of John Calipari vs. John Chaney

Wetzel: What I always remember, that nobody believes — Chaney did a press conference first. He was in the media room first, and he talked about how it was a great game, and the Atlantic 10 was really excited because it was on ABC on a Sunday afternoon, two top-10 teams or whatever they were ranked. It was a terrific game, and they were always trying to get more publicity than the Big East. He was just like “Mass,” — he always called them “Mass,” he never called them “UMass” — he was like “Mass has this great team, it’s a great game, great coach,” extremely positive and complimentary. And then he left.

“‘Great game, wasn’t it?’ Chaney said as he began his own press conference. ‘You’re as good as the company you keep, my mom said. We’re in good company here [at UMass].’” -Mike Jensen, Philadelphia Inquirer, Feb. 14, 1994

Wetzel: People think he was angry at Calipari for this, that or the third, mad about the calls, about the game, but he wasn’t. He was good, at that point, Chaney usually was. He got outside, and he heard that Calipari, while he was waiting for Chaney’s press conference to be done, had gone after the officials or yelled at the officials or tried to have a meeting to explain some calls, and that’s why he came back in.


Basically John Chaney being the hero he is felt he had to stick up for the ref’s in this situation so he did. And we’ve got Pete Weber on the St. Bonaventure’s broadcast taking shots at the King of the A-10? The look on this smug asshole’s face while talking down to a living legend when he said Chaney was fortunate it was only one game.


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Fuck off Pete Weber you’ve bounced around more basketball teams than Khloe Kardashian during your career. I hope John Chaney threatened to kill you next. Imagine shooting your shot on live TV while you’re the color guy for St. Bonaventure. ST. BONAVENTURE?!? The Catholics are the worst. I’m surprised by the end of the pregame they didn’t try to claim a member of John Chaney’s family killed Jesus. Probably discussed on the broadcast how John Calipari turned water into wine. John Calipari can continue to be the biggest college coach in America, 62 year old John Chaney still made him his bitch.