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Have some respect for yourself Mayor of Tulsa. Play it cool for me one time. When you find out you’re on a shortlist for Tesla to build a plant in your city the first thing you do not do is build a 75 foot statue for him. Imagine competing with someone else for this 10 you matched with on Hinge. Are you going to jump in the chat and tell her all about how perfect she is and it would be an honor to date her? No. You’re going to manipulate her and slow play it to act like you match with 10’s on a daily basis. She responds. You ghost her for 3 days. When you finally do respond you make up some lie that you don’t really check this thing, but here’s my cell number.



Instead he shot his wad all over the place.

He said: “While I cannot comment on potential projects, it is clear that Tesla and Tulsa were forged in the same spirit.

“Both founded by pioneers who dreamed big and made it happen. Both trying to change the world with a new kind of energy. Both investing big in what matters most: people.”


Imagine building a 75 foot sculpture for an electrician. If I’m Elon Musk I’m freaked out by this Mayor. He’s going to be all over Elon whenever he comes to town. And he kind of looks like Jared from Subway so you have to dock points there.


jared subway


No sane person would give up Austin as their HQ for a place like Tulsa. If you want a bunch of employees hooked on meth who visit tiger zoo’s on their off days you build in Tulsa right now. If you want the brightest minds in the country, good food, and an awesome city it’s Austin. Plus, every photo opportunity you get to do the “Hook ’em” sign and they’ll probably let Bevo visit the plant floor to raise morale. When Texas is officially finally back everyone’s going to remember you were there when they went 8-5 and won the Alamo Bowl.