I miss basketball, especially the NBA. With reports coming out that a mid July return is most likely with games being played in both Las Vegas and Disney World the end of watching the Sixers not able to beat a high school 2-3 zone is coming soon. From today till the NBA’s official return, I will be posting a breathtaking NBA highlight from the past. I am going to do my best to avoid superstar players but once in a while I have to throw in a LeBron James or Steph Curry highlight. With that being said lets get to our first highlight



This one hits home for me, as a lifelong Sixers fan, this dunk by former processor KJ McDaniels over former Sixer draft pick Moe Harkless (part of the infamous Andrew Bynum trade), former Sixer Nikola Vucevic close enough to say he was also dunked on, with former Sixers draft pick Elfrid Payton (traded for the pick that became Dario Saric), and future/now present Sixer Tobias Harris trailing. This dunk had Sixers fan believing he was a future role player on the team. The lob was thrown by one of my favorite Processor’s Tony Wroten and is one of the highlights of the worst 3 years of basketball I had to lay my eyes on.