You only have to listen to the first 5-10 minutes to get the gist of this blog


Basically the story is Brian Austin-Greene got the shit cucked out of him by Machine Gun Kelly. And why is he referring to MGK as Colson btw? MGK is so inside BAG’s head that he’s referring to him as Colson? I would say the toughest look is for MGK to have his real name revealed as Colson like it’s Clarence from 8 Mile, if it wasn’t for the fact that he was balls deep in Megan Fox while they filmed a movie. We can talk about Colson Baker some other time. Right now we’re talking about BAG being totally fine that his wife, who he’s now separated from, totally lied to him about fucking MGK while they were filming a movie and BAG believed him. Sidenote: What the fuck is up with Megan Fox and guys with three names? JuJu Smith-Schuster and Benjarvus Green-Ellis are getting in line to be next.

I mean have some respect for yourself BAG. God felt so bad for you that MGK was shooting more than blanks in your wife that he needed to come to you in a dream. You guys weren’t distant she just didn’t have any time for you while she was slobbering over MGK. She met the bad boy and when you’re 40 year old with 4 kids I don’t care how good looking or how great of a dad you are. The tatted up bad boy with bleach blonde hair get’s chicks going 100/100 times over the guy that plays house. Sorry for the science lesson.

How about Megan Fox being like “I liked myself better” while she was in Puerto Rico filming and getting dicked out everyday. No shit you felt better. You’re in Puerto Rico not having to clean up your kid’s shit or worry about soccer practice while taking dick. Who wouldn’t like themselves better in that situation? And BAG just pulls a Dennis Green and let’s her off the hook no questions asked.



Dude? It’s not her fault? She didn’t make herself think like that? She exactly made herself think that way because she would be stupid to not think that way. Imagine being on a tropical island away from your kids and dreading it.


The best part @13:30 is when he tries to convince himself and everyone listening that Megan and MGK are just friends. As if dude. Oh, you trust she has really good judgement in the friends she confides in? Does this guy let all her friends fuck her? This podcast was recorded before the music video released, but does this look like friends? I don’t know. I’ve never tied up and duct taped a friend in my day.



Just admit it you got cucked. Honestly, I’d have more respect for BAG if he did. He knows what it’s like being a sex symbol from 90210. Just think about the marriages he had a hand in ruining. It’s hard to stay at the pinnacle of the sex symbol game and very few can. Maybe your son will upend MGK’s life one day when he’s a sex symbol and fucks his wife while they’re filming a movie overseas. Like a never ending Tilt-A-Whirl of infidelity from two families. A Hollywood version of B-List celeb Romeo and Juliet. But until then you have to give it to MGK admit he bested you this time.

P.S. I can’t wait until Mommy’s friend Colson sits in BAG’s seat at the head of the table during the first Thanksgiving they’re altogether and declares himself Patriarch of the family.