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Now that we established my pain we can go into the courtship between Carson and Myself.

Yes the time line is going to be a little odd but that’s okay.  Love does not wear a watch.

Take it back to week one of Carson’s rookie year.

He comes out Guns Blazing and drops dimes all over the place.



Carson’s rookie season was when we all got a glimpse of what this guy might be.

He had a great start to the season but then began to tail off in the second half. And to be fair he had no help.

Good Tight Ends (Ertz and Celek)

Bad Receivers  (DGB NELLY JMATT)

So there was not too much to work with.



2016 was not the best year for the Eagles they went 7-9. But they had something they had needed for a while now a QuarterBack.



The Eagles deiced to take this team to the next level. They go and add real talent to a decent roster and we all know what happens.

Offensive Additions.

Tory Smith

Alshon Jeffrey

Lagarett Blount

Jay Ajayii

Corey Clement

Nick Foles

Carson and his toys just start eating the NFL Alive.



So I get it there are some time code issues here. Tavares is still and Islander but I feel like the 2017 season was like a guy in a relationship that openly watches way to much porn (Carson Highlights). So when July 1st, 2018 came and Tavares broke my heart I was kinda into another man already. I was just still hurting.

This 2017 courtship hit a snag however on a beautiful Los Angeles Night.



Carson tears his ACL and my heart in half. Also there was no hold on that play at all. Should have been a TD. Also Wentz comes back and tosses a TD pass to Alshon next play on a torn ACL.

And we all know what happens next…..

Nick Foles comes in and wins game after game and hoists that beautiful trophy.

I cant fall in love with Nick I was fooled once before (27-2).

Although he was apart of the greatest play in Eagles History. I will give him that.


From that moment fast forward 2 more hours and every Eagle fan has their dream come true.



So now we have a conservancy Wentz or Foles. I was always and will always be a Wentz guy (Hence the 3 Part blog love story).

Anyway the Super Bowl is won and the 2018 season is kinda annoying.

Carson was ok not great. But I was single and ready to love again.



But we lose Carson again to a back injury. And then that man again Nick Foles Wins a playoff game for the Birds.


2018 comes to an end, Nick Foles is gone and Carson is our Guy….

And the 2019 Season is when I fall back in the that crazy thing called love.

Part 3 Coming soon.