SOURCE – University of California president Janet Napolitano last week proposed a revision in the way the system admits students: a five-year plan to gradually reduce and eliminate the role of the SAT and ACT in admissions. They would be replaced by a new test to be developed by the system in what could be the greatest challenge to the SAT and ACT to date.

These days, many colleges are going test optional, some because of the COVID-19 pandemic and only for a year or two. The University of California proposal is admittedly influenced in part by the pandemic, but work on the UC system plan started before coronavirus arrived in the United States, and it is designed to outlast the virus. As such, it could represent much more of a threat to the College Board and ACT than the temporary test-optional plans, because the University of California is so large and prestigious.

And the impact of race and ethnicity on the actions of the Board of Regents — which is expected to approve the plan — is significant. Many minority organizations don’t like (to put it mildly) the SAT and the ACT. They are expected to back the plan. As are some Asian American groups. But other Asian groups are expected to oppose it, fearing that SAT and ACT scores are tools that help secure spots for Asian Americans.


A really informative 60 Minutes about a kid who took the SAT 16x for other people.


California is filled with a bunch of soy boys who probably are triggered by the SAT and instead pass it off that it’s detrimental to minorities as a mask for the real reason. California is soft. More importantly LA. There are a million playoff series in the last decade that prove this. Also, while we’re here LA is a terrible sports town. You can’t blame showing up an hour late to Chavez Ravine on traffic during the World Series anymore LA. Not like traffic just sprouted up from the ground out of no where.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure I could beat anyone who grew up in California in a battle of mental toughness. It doesn’t matter that they can score higher than me on the SAT. I’ll bend their mind into a pretzel because of the way I was brought up. As they were studying to be a physicist I had a landscaping company at 11. You ever mow 20 lawns in 90 degree heat? You ever forget to wear the safety glasses when you’re weed whacking and a boulder hits you in the cornea almost rendering you blind? Where are you going to find dealing with that in a book? Counterpoint: Are there Cali teens that had sex way before I did? Most definitely. You don’t grow up in the Cali sunshine, shred gnar and skate halfpipes if you’re not having sex before 16. But let me tell you about pressure.

Pressure is taking a 10 hour test and waking up at 6:30am with your whole college future on the line. If you have a shot at getting into the Ivy’s, well you better perform well on this test. If you want to get into anything above community college you better do good on this test. Add in the fact that the first two letters of my last name are “Pa” and ramp that pressure up another 1,000 degrees. That’s right. I’m in the same dimly lit classroom with puke colored tile brushing elbows with the Parks and Patels. Consistently the smartest people in every group they find themselves in. Have you ever experienced the feeling of knowing you’re the dumbest person in the room at that moment? Because that feeling will bury you on one of the most important days of your educational career. I know that at least 4 of these motherfuckers are getting a perfect score on the Math section, while that’s the same section that’s going to implode mine. Most of the Patel’s and Park’s are simple people who wish you luck and keep their head down hoping to bring honor to their family. But the cocky ones are another animal. They love giving you an eyeball until you ask them, “What the fuck do you want?” and they return only with a grin. Those are cold blooded killers.  He/She knows you’re there’s for the next 10 hours. The playing fields have officially been leveled. They’re going to kick your ass in the analogy section, then the reading comprehension, if there’s science on the SATs then that section too, because they’ve been planning for this moment their entire life.

Good thing is when it’s all said and done you come to realize the SAT doesn’t mean jack shit. You’re not going to go from a kid with a 3.0 all the way to Harvard Law with one test. All I know is while the Patel’s and Park’s are racking their brains studying for the MCATS ready to become a doctor. I’m making fun of them in a blog that has 0 net revenue. Who’s the real winner you ask? College. Because they have all of our money and we’re riddled with debt.