The ocean is one of the scariest places ever. What’s that stat, that like only 20% of it has been researched or something. That means there is over 2/3 that remains unexplored. We just don’t even know what’s going on under there. Spoiler alert: the ocean is humongous. Which makes it hard to find people when their boat capsizes and they’re just sitting in the middle of the ocean with no idea what is underneath them and coming to grips with this is how it ends. The crazy thing is these guys were just waiting to die out here praying that someone would come. Once the sun went down it was highly unlikely they’d ever be seen alive again. Talk about right place right time by these fisherman.

I’m not an ocean guy. I’ll take Gaea the God of Land over Poseidon anyday. I understand the terrain. I’ve been living on it for 27 years. If the gods wanted us swimming in water they would’ve given us the ability to swim in water from the start. There’s no reason why I need to learn that trait to survive. Here go flop around and fight for your life until your brain can put together kicking and stroking at the same time. I’m not the strongest swimmer ever. You know how they say don’t swim against the current? Well fuck that because the closest to land is north south not riding the current for two miles east/west.