THAT WAS AWESOME! Though whoever was in charge of having eyes on Vernon Maxwell so he didn’t do anything stupid should be fired immediately. I mean he walked 30 feet up the stands, got all the way to Row L untouched, just to knock the shit out this fan. Ron Artest climbed over mountains to get revenge on the wrong guy who threw a cup at the Palace and Vernon Maxwell went on a nice leisurely Sunday walk all the way and asked that guy “What do five fingers say to the face?” There’s no chance people around him liked this guy. Nobody within 10 rows came to his defense when Vernon hit him.

I laughed out loud when I saw Robert Horry scampering up to get him. Of course Robert Horry was there. I’m pretty sure Robert Horry got drafted the same year Bird and Magic did and won championships playing 5 minutes a game and hitting big threes in crunch time.


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What a 90s video all wrapped into one. There’s Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Gates who looks like definitely has injected himself with lizard blood and stem cells because he looks the exact same today, and no security at all at the game.

Honestly, that fan is lucky to be alive. You want to test a guy nicknamed “Mad Max” because no one knew what he’d do next you go right ahead. But you can’t be mad when Mad Max re-arranges your face because of it. Look at Vernon Maxwell’s incidents with teammates and fans during his career.

From Wikipedia:

  • February 1995: In a game at Portland on February 6, he ran into the stands punching a fan due to the fan heckling him. The NBA suspended him for ten games and fined him $20,000.
  • April 1995: Feigning a hamstring injury, he was given a leave of absence after the first game of the playoffs. Maxwell later admitted he was frustrated with not playing; the incident was hyped as Maxwell being disgruntled at the team’s recent acquisition of Hall-of-Fame guard Clyde Drexler. His actions led to the Rockets ending his tenure with them.
  • August 1995: Shortly after signing with Philadelphia, Maxwell was pulled over after he ran a red light. During a search, police found a bag of marijuana on the floor of the car. Maxwell pleaded no contest and posted a $25,000 appeal bond, but lost the appeal. Three years later, while Maxwell was playing for the Charlotte Hornets, a Texas judge issued a warrant for his arrest and he was extradited to Houston, where he served a 90-day sentence.
  • 2000: The Seattle SuperSonics fined Maxwell and Gary Payton for a locker-room brawl on March 26, that left two of their teammates, who tried to play peacemakers, hurt.


I can’t believe we missed out on the Vernon Maxwell hate from MJ in The Last Dance because MJ was playing baseball when the Rockets won back to back championships. There’s no doubt he’s on the list for talking a bunch of shit to him in 1993 and actually backing up.


If you’re wondering what happened to the fan and Vernon post fight there were lawsuits and the fan even got an interview after the game. I love the visual of the fan talking to reporters after the game trying to justify a 35 year old man heckling a basketball player’s game while sitting with an ice pack on his chin. His final statement; “I’m not happy.” Ya think.