I am not normally one for conspiracy theories, unless you count the JFK shooting it is just impossible for me to believe there was not a second shooter.

But, the Michael Jordan Flu Game to me has cover-up, conspiracy, bullshit all over it. The fact that five people showed up to deliver a pizza in Salt Lake City, Utah isn’t even the most surprising thing to me because they’re Mormons and Mormons freak me out.

 Michael Jordan gets hungry okay its 9pm,  you’re in a city and the only place in the entire area that is open is a pizza place.  You can’t sit here and tell me with a straight face there was not a McDonald’s, Burger King, or 24-hour diner in Salt Lake City.  I get Mike can’t just go out and get a burger but he could have just sent a guy. 

So inside Michael Jordan’s hotel room there’s a bunch of guys hanging out who ordered pizza and only one guy eats the pizza, that guy being Michael Jordan?  When you watch the clip above it just seems rehearsed.  It seems like they all got together and said there’s a lot of rumors that it wasn’t the flu let’s go ahead and make it sound like it’s food poisoning.

Here is what probably happened. There’s five guys hanging out at 9 p.m. in a hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah. A city where there’s nothing to do because there’s no fast food restaurants.  So somebody went and bought a couple alcoholic beverages and Mike just had too many.  He was hungover as shit, we all have been there no big deal Mike just say you had too much to drink. 

So the story continues, he goes on to have a great game and it’s called the flu game for years. We all relish the fact MJ battled through sickness.  I don’t know how old Michael Jordan was during that game but I’m 28 now, if he was hungover like I know he was, I would be more impressed with him fighting through a hangover because mine the other day crippled me for a full day.

So just lean into it Mike that you were hungover, then remind the Utah Jazz that you were their daddy.