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SOURCE – An Instagram model says a botched Brazilian butt lift left her unable to sit — for six months. “It was very painful,” said Shilpa Sethi, who has led with her mammoth back side in sexy photos to land 1.2 million followers on the site, to the Daily Mail. The 25-year-old New Delhi woman said she spent $10,000 to get the booty-boosting surgery in Miami about five years ago.

“I have always admired a curvy body, and I was very flat at first,” said the influencer, who explained that her enhanced assets are key to her making a living, which includes an X-rated Web site only accessible for a fee.

Unfortunately, the doctor turned out to be a bum, she said.

“I chose [him] based on what I later discovered to be fake reviews,” Sethi said.

She said the butt lift — which involved taking fat from her waist and injecting it in her bottom — left her with a lop-sided back side and excruciating pain.

“I wasn’t able to sit on my butt for months,” she told the Mail, which said it was half a year before Sethi could comfortably rest her booty again thanks to three more surgeries costing a total of another $60,000.

Now, “Fans say I have the best butt, especially when it jiggles and makes them go crazy,” Sethi said. “And because it’s all my fat, it’s really soft, too.”

The online star said she now plans a breast augmentation.


I know what you’re thinking. “Kyle. What a fucking platform to run on in an election year!” Thank you, but I’ve never been one for politics. I’ve always fancied providing my policies for the masses through the spoken and written word, and not through legislation for my own gain. Humble, I know, but it’s the recognition that makes it all worth it.

Listen, if you don’t think this is a serious issue than I don’t want to consider you a reader of this blog. Instagram Models are essential workers and without them your day would be completely different. They’ve been working overtime during the quarantine. All the ones I follow haven’t taken a day off since they’ve been on lockdown. Without them who’s going to be there for you to break up the monotony? When are you ever going to experience that rush of scrolling through dog pic, engagement photos, drunk people, dog, baby, dog, dog, dog, ASS SHOT! Just a big ‘ol booty right in your third eye. If that’s not one of the most exhilarating parts of your day than you must live a more sophisticated life than I do I guess. You probably bring a sweater to the strip club to cover up the dancers too.

Seriously though. I know we’re passing a bunch of coronavirus bills to get the economy back up and running, but if we don’t start making our essential workers priority when will we? We can’t have Dr. Miami charging $10,000 for butt lifts and using grounded up squirrel meat to fill up the Buddha of buttocks. If one Instagram Model retires what says this doesn’t start off a chain reaction until all of them retire. Then Instagram has to file for bankruptcy and thousands of people lose their jobs and add to the already crowded unemployment line. Does the President want that on his conscience? We need to figure out who his favorite ass model on his burner Instagram account is and pay her to go dark for a couple weeks. We’ll be getting legislation bills passed before sundown.