You knew this Bill Murray interview was going to be off the rails when he showed up for his first ever Skype interview completely off centered eating oranges and strongarming Tirico into $15k bets for charity. Bill Murray dominated that whole interview. At one point he didn’t feel like answering Tirico’s question and just asked him how his short game was. Bill Murray is the guy everyone in corporate America aims to be. Have a successful career while not giving a fuck and doing everything half ass.


oranges bill



How about Tirico just stumbling over the word “done” when he agreed to it. He knew the wife was going to murder him during the commercial break.

“Wha-wha-wha what was that Bill? 15k? Duh-duh-duh.”


I love Mike Tirico but he is toughhhhhh on the video interviews. If you watch NBCSports during the week it’s always so awkward and everyone is talking over each other. Earlier this week Rudy Tomjanovich and Patrick Ewing both got Facetime calls while they were on Tirico’s show and I thought Tirico was just going to get up and leave. We need live sports back just so Tirico doesn’t check in to the nut house.