How are our enemies going to compete with a Super Duper Missile? Russia might have all the nukes, but that’s nothing when SDMs start getting involved. The conversion rate of nukes to SDM’s is like 500-1.

Nukes are like Dennis Rodman. Great defense mechanisms and Phil Jackson can release him on an opponent at a moments notice. But nukes aren’t going to win you the game. Super Duper Missiles are Michael Jordan dropping 45 points on you and knocking down the game winner as time expires.

Just wait until the Easy Peasy vaccine is invented and Corona becomes a joke again. We won’t stop there because next we’re taking on climate change using the Wimbly Blimbly Weather Machine. And then we’re going to defeat poverty! Figure out healthcare! End school debt! Update the infrastructure! Open the beaches! Secure the bars and restaurants! Then we’re going to get the troops out! And bring them home to their families and finally we’re going to take that bitch Corona behind the woodshed and take back sports! HUZZAH!