Newport cigarette carton sweatsuit + Scarface socks + loafers + sparked Newport + 40 of Old English + the backdrop from behind a 7-Eleven. Whatever this guy did let him off. You can’t lock someone up and make them wear an orange jumpsuit when they have built their brand on getting fits off. This guy is the King of Newports. If Newport’s smart, once this guy’s Q rating gets back up they have to sign him to a lifetime deal. Just think about it. Once this all blows over he’s connected to two NFL players which means he’s going to be around other NFL players, which means Instagram pictures galore. Free advertising + the youth = billions. Just give this guy 365 different designs of a Newport Sweatsuit and watch your bottom line shoot through the roof. Fuck it. Introduce an organic Port and get the vegans and Insta thots on your side.

The Marlboro Man and Camel Joe have to be rolling over in their grave right now that they didn’t sign the King of Newports first. Marlboro used to have a rewards program where you smoke 50 packs, remove the barcodes on the packaging, mail them in they’d send you a windbreaker. What a time to be alive.