Let’s goooOOOOoooo! The crackpot team of Sixers doctors has been killing it lately! Do we still have that Australian guy who was supposed to be the Dr. House of sports science? Doesn’t matter. If the Sixers hired Dr. Kevorkian and he murdered Ben it’d be a better result than what the team’s doctors are doing now. Ben Simmons could die and the Sixers doctors would still send out a press release stating he’d be re-evaluated in 2-4 weeks. The Sixers doctors are approaching local weathermen territory. Everytime they fuck up it’s like their job security becomes more secure.

Why was Ben playing against Milwaukee if his back was messed up pre-game that a simple landing off of a jump provided so much pain he couldn’t stop puking? Because it was a primetime game against the #1 seed in the East in Milwaukee? If you thought the Sixers had a chance in that game after going 10-24 on the road up to that point you’re the most optimistic Philly fan ever.

What do you think the evaluation process for the Sixers doctors is like? Do they just rank the pain on a scale of 1-10 and then fire a dart at a dartboard and whatever it hits that’s what the player is diagnosed with? Give the player a lollipop, a booster shot, let him take home the Ranger Rick or a Highlight’s magazine he was doing because he couldn’t find “Elephant” on his word search before the exam was over, and send him on his way.

I know this was most likely Ben’s decision for him to play, but have some balls Sixers doctors and hold him out. I’d rather get killed by 20 on national television than risk our 23 year old cornerstone have chronic back problems for the rest of his career.