My best life advice! Shoutout to Bryce and the boys for the Cameo!

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Johnny Sins has seen it all. Like really has seen it all. He’s had some of the most sought after professions out of anyone on the planet.


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So who better to get life advice from then Johnny Sins? Honestly am I surprised the platform I’m getting it off of is TikTok and not Pornhub? Yea. I am. But no one’s going to say that wasn’t sound life advice. So if you hate your job go tell your boss Johnny Sins  told you to go chase your dreams and quit. There’s a high chance you won’t even need to explain who Johnny Sins is to your boss. He’s familiar with his work. What’s the worst that can happen? You move back into your parents? You yourself go into porn?

Now I’m all for people chasing their dreams. That’s why I started this blog. You need to have a big balls to chase your dream. Now I’ve watched the film and can confirm Johnny Sins does have huge nuts. Like truck nuts sized nuts. But I think me and Johnny Sins have different career paths. Chasing his dream means having sex 30x a week and maybe creating a TikTok or two here or there as he chills in Las Vegas with other pornstars.


My dream is to write about dumb shit on the Internet and make content. I don’t think our dreams come with an equal level of fulfillment. I’d rather fuck Brandi Love then write about how Brandi Love looks like Pete Carroll.

P.S. My mom just downloaded TikTok and asked me if I knew who Johnny Sins the TikTok’r is because she follows him. That’s how I found out he was on TikTok in the first place. How about the surprise she’s in for when she does a background check to learn more about him?