Let’s just keep giving robots weapons of mass destruction. That should go over well when they re-program themselves to go after the same people that built them and enslave the world. Next we’re going to outfit all of Boston Dynamic’s robot children with Uzi’s and let them loose on the people of Massachusettes.



That’s the Zion Williamson of robots. I’m pretty sure if you dropped Jimmy Botler in the NBA Draft this year he’d be a lottery pick.

It’s going to be hilarious when the same thing humans built will take over the world. SPOT the robot is terrorizing dogs and kicking people’s asses in Singapore if they don’t socially distance.


It even comes with a creepy voice that orders you to stand away from your loved ones. No chance this thing with a camera on it’s back is tracking everyone’s face for a facial recognition software Bezos is coming up with in his lair.



All I know is I’m nice to every robot I come in contact with. I say thank you to Alexa and Siri. My Smart TV is my best friend. I’ve never once hit a NEST Thermostat or Smart Fridge. So when Boston Dynamics does take over the world they’ll recognize my voice patterns and face and remember I was one of the good one’s. They’ll probably let me work in Amazon warehouses and stick all the people outside in Siberian Russia who yelled at Alexa for playing the Beach Boys when they requested the Beastie Boys.