Hearing the beautiful pronunciation of “Wooder” from someone other than your mom for the first time in 10 weeks.




It’s time this video goes full viral and the South Jersey/Northeast Philly dialect is given the respect it deserves and gets added to the list of Romance Languages. French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, and your South Philly mother asking “Whadda yous want fa dinna?”. The way this guy delivers the word “Duud” makes my heart skip a beat.

Everyone has their moment in this video that they resonate with and mine is the “Cherry Hill Nissan” commercial. Not once have I ever been to Cherry Hill Nissan, but I can recite that whole commercial. The Cherry Hill Nissan Giant was my third favorite superhero behind Batman and Spiderman as a kid.



The “Giant Tent Event” was a sandwiched in between Easter and Memorial Day as my favorite holiday in the Spring.



Why do we call the Linc “Lincoln Financial”? I never quite understood the reasoning behind pronouncing the longform version of it when we also shorten it? I don’t know.


Also – I didn’t come to the realization until I saw his shirt that there probably won’t be Hoagiefest this year…



Fuck you virus.

This video’s obviously a bit, but let it be known this beautiful language is for real. There are beautiful people all around Philly serenading each other at a Pat’s or Geno’s with the language of love. “New Hampsherr”, “Ware thare frum?”, “Repowed cars that are gettin’ repowed?”