The only way this could have been more South Philly is if he started Baptizing people on the sidewalk with cheese whiz like it was Holy Water. “Nicholas of Tolentine pray for us.” Bang! Scalding hot whiz to the eyeball.

Last time I saw a Toyota Tacoma riding around with someone who hated letting women join their club I was watching an ISIS recruitment video.



Imagine getting stuck behind Father Francis over here. This is like getting stuck behind the trash truck on Monday’s when you’re already late to work x1000. No chance the driver used one blinker, and STOP signs were definitely optional the whole time.


Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 6.30.09 PM


You gotta respect father doing some recruiting while the churches are closed. What do you do when you can’t diddle kids on your home turf? Sometimes you have to travel around the city to scout the next up and coming talent and have a 10 page report on the Archbishop’s desk by Friday.

I’m not saying that is bird lady from the meme, but it might actually be bird lady.