SOURCE – The Minneapolis Miracle is a play that will never be forgotten in Minnesota, or New Orleans for that matter. Despite the fact that the Vikings got waxed 38-7 in the ensuing NFC Title Game by a backup QB who would later be cut by the Jaguars, it remains one of the Minnesota Vikings few high points in their Super Bowless franchise history.

But what if it never happened?

What if Marcus Williams didn’t whiff on a tackle but instead brought down Stefon Diggs in bounds as time ran out in Minneapolis?

Let’s find out.

The Saints almost certainly would have beaten the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Title Game if the Minneapolis Miracle didn’t happen. In the immortal words of Alvin Kamara: “We’d beat the s–t out of the Eagles cause we was rolling.” The Saints were rolling at the time, having erased a 17 point deficit at halftime only to lose to the football gods for the first of three straight years.


I’ll tell you how exactly it goes.



Relax guy. I’ll tell you how exactly it turns out if the Saints meet up with the Eagles in the NFC Championship game. You run into a buzzsaw in Nick Foles. You’re home/road record is 4-4 that year and Drew Brees is squandering away another game in cold weather away from the Superdome. I don’t care if rookie Alvin Kamara told Bleacher Report “they’d beat the shit out of the Eagles”. You didn’t even have the chance to.

Check the home/road splits. Add in a 30 degree day outside of a dome.

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 10.44.12 AM

I don’t know who in the NFL Sean Payton put a bounty on to get the schedule to favor Drew Brees as much as humanly possible, but holy shit.

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 10.51.34 AM


Green Bay and Buffalo before Thanksgiving and the frozen tundra isn’t more like frozen permafrost at that time. Than at LA late November, at Atlanta in a dome in December, and at Tampa Bay on New Year’s Eve. Why is Roger Goodell and the schedule makers catering to Drew Bree’s Osteoporosis?

Here’s the Saints 2020 Schedule.

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 10.55.44 AM


Besides having to play the Eagles in the cold, the Broncos before December is their toughest road opponent. They’re going to be playing the Panthers in a balmy 50 degree game two days after New Years. I need an investigation that Drew Brees is being given preferential treatment because he is more susceptible to hypothermia at his old age.


And honestly Drew Brees would’ve probably stuffed it down our throats in the first drive just like Case Keenum did. Then he’d get punched in the mouth by a Patrick Robinson interception for a touchdown and the game would’ve been over from there.



Did the guy who wrote this not incorporate that we had God on our side? Read a post-Super Bowl article for me one time. How can you defeat God when you struggled with Case Keenum? Not with your Creole Bourbon street Voodoo you can’t.


I’ll let Torrey Smith put the final nail in the coffin.