Before we get into this I need to take you back and tell you a love story.



It all started back in 2009. I was a junior in High School and sick of being bullied by the NHL and all the good teams at the time. I, being an Islanders Fan was in a world of my own. Bragging about championships that were won when I was just swimming around in my father’s balls.

Then comes a light by the name of John Tavares. He was everything a hockey fan would ever want. He took the Islanders from a laughingstock to a laughingstock that makes the playoffs sometimes and had one really good player.

He was everything to me and when he scored that goal against the Panthers in double Overtime to send the Islanders to the second round for the first time in 23 years I was ready to fully commit my life to him.



But the hockey gods did not feel the same way.

He was set to become a free agent, he said all the right things that he was going to be an Islander for life, and like a dumb child I believed every word.

Enter July 1st 2018.


I was playing NCAA 14 at my in-law’s house when the news broke. I was alone. House sitting while my wife (Girlfriend at the time) was gallivanting through Europe.  I drove to the liquor store and bought a bottle of the cheapest whisky I could, returned home and fully clothed entered the pool to drown my sorrows in Evan Williams.  And then came the worst part.


That kicked me while I was down. The Maple Leafs………  I was puddle, it was over for me. It was back to a laughingstock for me and the Islanders. (Turned out not to be true the Kid who won the Calder (Matt Barzal) is a stud and now the Islanders remain a playoff team.)

I was crushed and vowed to never love again.

As the years have gone on and the hurt has been “healed” one night helped a good amount.



John Tavares is a snake and he deserved this.  Also who is the Idiot that approved the Tavares Tribute video?

This night was what made me ready to love again. I got the hate out. (Kinda)

And then a new Light had appeared….



To be continued…