I challenge you to find a bigger Entourage fan than me. And yes I know that this tweet came out yesterday, but I still need to speak my peace.

Ari, is the greatest TV character ever. I dare you to change my mind. Jeremy Piven was perfect for all 8 seasons. He was rude, angry, funny, compassionate, and down right inappropriate. That is what made him great. He was way before his time.

As much as I would love to see Ari return to HBO I fear he would be diluted. In today’s world with #METOO I don’t see how you can have Ari verbally abusing women and making graphic sexual comments about them in the workplace.

Sure, Lizzy and Amanda were going to take him down with the secret tapes, but Lizzy grew a soul and stopped. However the tapes still leaked and crushed Ari’s chances at the NFL.

Also, if we count the movie, Ari was removed from the production of Hyde because he could not manage the movie. Even though it did net Johnny Drama an Oscar. So I guess we pick it up from there?

Anyway if a stand alone Ari show was to be made. I would watch it and claim it was great regardless of how it comes out, because I just love the world of Entourage to much.

Just watch these clips and tell me you did not Smile the entire time…