I don’t think Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 gets enough credit for being just as good as 1, but since I couldn’t find any gameplay that was any good on 1. We’re going with 2 to start your day.

This video has so much nostalgia with the challenges of secret tapes, spelling SKATE, wall grinding the bells at lunch, and the helicopter hangar. You could play “Graffiti”, “Trick Attack”, “Tag”, “HORSE” and “Free Skate” with friends. Kareem Campbell and Big Air Bob Burnquist were my guys in THPS2. Also, I feel like the graphics held up way better than I thought. Holy shit.

Nothing better then hitting a Heelflip Darkslide, into a manual combo, boardslide, nose manual, Pop Shov It, manual, Impossible, manual, Varial Kickflip, manual into a Stalefish until your score is multiplied by 77.

Still the best soundtrack of a game of all time.