Imagine you’re playing pick-up with a bunch of washed up guys at the local Y and Michael Jordan walks in and calls next. Do you win that game for the opportunity to play against MJ? Sure it’ll be an all time story you’ll tell your kids one day, but is it worth the thousands of hours and dollars you’re going to spend in therapy for the rest of your life as he’s motherfucking you up and down the court? You saw what he did to Scott Burrell, what the fuck do you think he’s going to do to you when you miss an easy layup? You know everything would be fine until a guy who played one year of D3 football at Chicago U talked shit to MJ after he scored on him. Now MJ’s going to treat you like LaBradford Smith and get the demons in his head all worked up that he must destroy this kid before the night’s over.

If you’re the guy who almost stole the ball from Mike in this clip you probably haven’t washed your right hand since that night. Unfortunately for you that means you’re probably in a medically induced coma or dead because you contracted Corona. At least you always had that deflection for the stat sheet.



The star of the clip was Aaron Watkins who had a better scouting report on MJ than George Karl did in the 1996 Finals.



MJ can’t shoot. Don’t go for the palm pump fake that has fooled world class NBA players. Shoot really quick before MJ notices. Those are the three keys to victory. How much do you want to bet Michael went back home watched the news that night, and dropped 60 on that kid’s head the next day? You think he was mad when he was compared to Clyde Drexler? You think he hated Isiah Thomas? Imagine Michael watching the news and hearing Aaron Watkins’ plan on how he was going to defend MJ the rest of the summer. Aaron Watkins was Michael’s archnemisis.



Good thing is someone tracked down Aaron Watkins who delivered his side of the story.


How about Scottie Pippen with the ricochet shot from Aaron Watkins? Poor Scottie minding his own business and making like $2 million a year as a 3x champ and he’s taking shots from nobodies.