SOURCE – Participants on a board of governors call Tuesday with NBA commissioner Adam Silver left the virtual meeting increasingly positive about the league’s momentum toward a resumption of play this season, sources told ESPN.

Owners and executives on the call were encouraged about the league’s progress toward minimizing health risk upon a return and the league office’s positive conversations with the National Basketball Players Association about the players’ desire to eventually restart the season, sources said.

Silver told those on the call that if a positive test would “shut us down, we probably shouldn’t go down this path.”

How many positive tests would be too many remains a question, and is one of many that the NBA, the NBPA and medical experts must come to terms with in the coming weeks before the league and union can greenlight a resumption of play.

When asked about the bubble isolation plan on the call, Silver described it as a “campus environment,” sources said. He has talked about one or two locations for players, and those focuses continue to be on Orlando’s Walt Disney World Resort and Las Vegas, sources said.

The NBA shared with owners several factors that it plans to continue studying over the next two-to-four weeks before deciding on re-starting the league.



Finally, we have a timetable of if we are going to have the NBA this year or not. I’m pretty sure this is a concrete timetable and not a Sixers doctors timetable. Because if that’s the case just cancel the season. Adam Silver would be re-evaluating the league restarting in 2-4 weeks and when the 4 weeks was up they’d add another 2 weeks onto it with no reason. We wouldn’t see the NBA until All Star break of next year if we left it in the hands of the Sixers medical staff.

The fact that the BOG and owners are feeling positive about a return mixed with the fact the NBA’s most prominent players had a secret meeting and “established united front in favor of resuming season” we’re playing basketball.



So if we are playing basketball we’re either playing in Vegas, Disney World, or maybe even Arizona as the Governor is opening up the state for professional teams Saturday. Arizona’s unlikely, but I’m grasping for any positive news the NBA will resume.



Selfishly I want sports back like a lot of people do. I’m running out of things to do and talk about during this quarantine. You can only watch Entourage, The Office, or every NCAA Tournament championship game since ’86 so many times. There’s only so much times you can watch E lose a girlfriend and then get another girl completely out of his league.