If you haven’t watched Dave on FX you now have until Season 2 starts to get your shit together. It was pound for pound one of the greatest first seasons up there, in any category. The Wire, Sopranos, Always Sunny, Breaking Bad, The Office, The Simpsons. All of it. It makes sense because it was FX’s highest watched comedy ever. The jokes were next level. It has an insane amount of A List cameos. If you haven’t watched the Milking Table episode don’t watch the clip below until you watch the whole episode. It’s one of the funniest clips this whole season.



They have an awesome callback to it later in the season too when they’re grilling in the backyard and someone puts potato salad on a covered table and it falls through the milking hole. The joke was subtle, but it’s a testament to the level of writing on the show.


Season 1 starts off with this scene which Dave talks about having to plug his dick when he pees because he was born with two holes in it. We’ve should’ve known we were watching an all-time great when he dropped “Pubiscus” to describe his pube to dick area. It’s the greatest un-classified medical name since “Grundle” or “Gooch” was invented.



I’m pretty sure Lil Dicky is the first person to ever start their own viral video from a scripted series with Somebody Suck Me.




They even got serious with Gata’s bipolar disorder and told the whole episode to perfectly envelope what someone is going through. The craziest thing is Gata is 100% the person he portrays in the show. He’s not an actor. He’s actually Dicky’s hype man and he 100% suffers from bipolar disorder. This episode broke down barriers for mental health. It sounds corny as shit, but it honestly did.




I honestly loved the semi-autobiographical nature of Lil Dicky’s rise from Cheltenham to where he is today. There’s a scene in episode 9 where he does Auto Tune with his girlfriend Ally (a lot of guys fell in love with Ally during the season) and it calls back to Lil Dicky’s song “Molly” about attending his ex-girlfriend’s wedding. Just small things like that, that Lil Dicky pulls back the curtain on.



As I mentioned before Dave has a ton of A List Cameos on the show.


YG in Episode 1


Trippie Redd


Justin Beiber and Benny Blanco






The Breakfast Club


If you didn’t read anything else, but this last line. Just watch the show, it’ll change your life. YOUR LIFE. I could’ve written 3,000 words on it.