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Pete Carroll









Two titans of their industry. Grizzled vets that have built a legacy that you have to respect in a career that weeds out the weak. You have to consistently be ahead of the curve and innovate yourself. Pete Carroll’s racked up a plethora of wins and titles both in the NCAA and NFL and Brandi Love has won countless awards for her work on your iPhone screen. Some are born stars and others are porn stars.

But how could I never see it before that Brandi Love is Pete Carroll and Pete is Brandi? I’ve studied both of their work in my day, and never fully realized it. Now I can’t unsee Pete Carroll chomping on gum while calling trips right 52 screener without him having the body of Brandi Love. When the Eagles play the Seahawks this year I’m going to be expecting Pete Carroll to be wearing a sponsorship on his sweatshirt.




Both have chins that would cut granite. The same exact cheek dimples. Left Trojans behind. Keep their bodies rock hard. And they both turn boys into men and have the power to end someone’s career before it starts or lift them too superstardom.


brandi abs

pete shirtless


I apologize if I’ve ruined Brandi Love for you for the rest of your life, but I needed to tell someone. How long until someone makes a deep fake of Pete Carroll getting taken from behind? Honestly, the fact I haven’t seen that video yet with today’s internet makes me think maybe it’s losing it’s fastball. In 10 years deep fakes will be ruining more careers than Mandingo.